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Making Customers Our Priority Since 1980

Priority Press is a full-service printing and communications company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jay Straka founded the company in 1980 when he took out a second mortgage on his home, bought a small printing press, and leased 2000 square feet of space in the same building occupied by the company today.

Ronald Reagan was elected President that year, and Mount Saint Helens erupted in the state of Washington. The song, Call Me by the popular group Blondie was the number one song, and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released. In the business world, 3M introduced Post-It notes, and fax machines represented cutting-edge technology.

From the beginning, Jay Straka believed in serving customers and providing high-quality products. Over the years, he built a team with the same values. Fueled by their shared passion, the company had tremendous success. It expanded, eventually occupying the entire 30,000 square foot building where they began. Over the years, they have added space on three separate occasions. Today, the company is approximately 70,000 square feet, including offices, manufacturing, and a modern warehouse facility.

Jay Straka has retired from day-to-day operations. He continues to serve as Chairman of the Board, and his sons run the family-owned company. Joe Straka serves as President, and Rob Straka serves as Executive Vice President, Sales.

Over the years, as customers evolved, the company expanded its services. Today, Priority Press provides comprehensive solutions built around seven printing processes, comprehensive finishing, mailing, warehousing, promotional products, creative support, marketing campaign support solutions, and online ordering. In 2022, Shirley Engraving became fully integrated into Priority Press following the retirement of Shirley Engraving President DJ Margason. Priority Press is the central commercial printing division for the Priority Group, a diversified group of companies.

Joe Straka, President of Priority Press, and CEO of the Priority Group, said, “Our goal is to be a sole-source, brand execution resource for our clients. We are committed to helping our clients grow their brand by executing consistently, effectively, and creatively through print, mobile, web, and branded merchandise channels.”

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