Celebrating International Print Day


October 20, 2021 is International Print Day, and Priority Press is thrilled to be joining other printers around the world to celebrate the innovation, skill, and creativity of our industry! The day is dedicated to educating and connecting throughout the global print and integrated marketing community. We all have different expertise, different experiences, and different perspectives to share; when we come together in a free and open exchange of ideas, we are all better for it.

Using social media to connect across the global community, International Print Day gives participants the chance to network in ways that traditional, location-specific events might not offer. On October 20, printing and marketing professionals around the world will take to social media, sharing information, projects, blogs, ideas, case studies, examples of print and digital media, and more about the printing industry. It’s an opportunity for everyone to interact in an accessible, easy way, without having to travel, sign up, or do any of the other things that networking events usually require.

Participating is incredibly simple: just share your post(s) using the hashtag #IPD21! It’s all about building community, too, so be sure to scroll through the hashtag feed, check out what fellow participants have shared, and strike up conversations along the way. Certain local groups will also be hosting “social hot spot” events, both in-person and virtually, for individuals to “meet up” at a certain place or time.

For 2021, the theme for International Print Day is #PrintAgain. This year’s theme focuses on the revived popularity of print in the marketing and media industry, so participants are especially encouraged to share pictures, stories, studies, and more focusing on successful projects over this past year. After a challenging year or two, International Print Day 2021 is coming at just the right time to celebrate the victories big and small and to look forward to the future!


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