Country Club of Indianapolis

The first country club in the city of Indianapolis.

A lifestyle brand in a competition  market.

Limited in-house marketing resources.


The Country Club of Indianapolis was experiencing declining membership as a result of multiple market forces. Because their in-house marketing team was limited in scope, they partnered with Priority Press to develop a campaign to generate new
member opportunities for the club.


Priority Press conducted a data analysis of current members and built a member profile. The profile reflected data points covering demographics, interests, lifestyles, and more. Data was overlaid on a specific geographic area. The result was a highly targeted list reflecting the club’s best prospects. A personalized letter was created to engage the interest of the targeted list, and mailed to leads.


  • By investing in data analysis, the club
    was able to target solid leads
  • Interested prospects were identified
    through the mailing
  • The club grew new membership by 6%
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