Seven Printing Processes Under One Roof

With seven printing processes under one roof in our multi-shift facility, Priority Press makes it easy for you to get projects produced quickly and efficiently.


Priority Press has added UV printing to our services, opening a
whole new world of options for you. In conventional offset printing, we use solvent-based inks. They dry through evaporation, which can take up to 24 hours depending on the combination of ink and paper.

UV printing is a different process. UV inks are formulated to dry—a process called “curing”—when they are exposed to an ultraviolet light inside the press. This process offers several benefits over traditional inks:

  • Press sheets DRY INSTANTLY, speeding up manufacturing timelines
  • Because press sheets dry instantly, ink-dryback is eliminated. Colors often appear brighter. If you want to print on uncoated paper, you will love the vibrancy-enhancing effect you get from UV printing
  • Since UV ink bonds at a molecular level with paper, UV printing is durable and scuff-resistant
  • UV inks and instant drying also expand your substrate possibilities to include plastics and foil-lined boards

With UV, you also have new options for special effects including:

  • High-gloss coating to add shine and protection to covers and packaging
  • High impact strike-through effects combining dull varnishes with spot gloss UV
  • Reticulated varnished to add texture and interest to a piece
  • New options for soft-touch effects

See what UV can do for you.

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Priority Press is G7 Certified and FSC Certified. Our team of printing professionals consults with you to understand your goals.

OFFSET PRINTING with up to 6-colors plus aqueous coating on sheet sizes up to 28” x 40”

Priority Press has a passion for offset printing. We started as a commercial printer in 1980. Our experienced pressroom team combines technical expertise with craftsmanship, taking pride in producing an eye-catching print that makes you smile. Benefits include:

  • A wide range of printing presses from small one-color presses to 28” x 40” 6-color presses
  • In-line aqueous coating
  • 4 over 2 perfecting presses
  • Rigorous closed-loop color management processes
  • G7 Certified
  • FSC Certified
  • High-quality color reproduction and brand color controls
  • Proprietary screening technology for smooth screens and detailed image reproduction
  • Hybrid print solutions that combine offset and digital printing processes, to lower costs
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B&W and 4-color DIGITAL PRINTING for short runs and print-on-demand

Priority Press can help you with short-run and fast turnaround printing projects, variable data printing, and print-on-demand. We offer high-quality options for both B&W and 4-color digital printing on sheet sizes up to 13” x 19”.

Let us help you with:

  • Low quantity static printing projects, including booklets, flyers, brochures, corporate stationery, and mailings
  • Variable data projects including personalized booklets, brochures, catalogs, postcards, and mailers
  • Web-to-print solutions with print-on-demand booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, and mailers

Our team can help you set up files for variable imaging, including customized images, headlines, offers, and contact information.

Plus, we can UV coat your mailing projects and covers, giving your digital printing project an extra layer of protection during handling and mailing.

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LARGE FORMAT PRINTING on substrates up to 2" thick

Our Priority Graphics team can help you with all types of large format printing projects for both indoors and outdoors. We print, route, and die-cut on all types substrates up to 2” thick, and our in-house staff can assist you with planning, design, and installation.

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Intricate Detail Engraving services from Priority Press add a high-end, traditional touch to your projects. We can reproduce images with intricate details and a wide range of type fonts on all types of papers. Engraving is a stand-out technique, perfect for:
  • Invitations
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Programs
  • Certificates
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For that hand crafted or retro feel Letterpress printing is both a visual and tactile experience. This creative style of relief printing is perfect for projects where you want them to have a hand-crafted or retro feel. To learn more about letterpress printing possibilities, contact our team.
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Programs
  • Certificates
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Thermography is a specialized type of raised-ink printing, often used when clients are looking for a lower-cost alternative to engraving. The result is an interesting tactile effect that works well on business cards, invitations, certificates, and short-run programs.
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