Website Data to Grow Your Brand

Gain insight into website visitors with help from Priority Press’ technology team. We can place unobtrusive code on your entire website, or specific pages tied to a campaign. The code allows us to identify the IP address of website visitors. By matching the addresses against a central database, we can identify the physical address of the home or business address associated with the IP address.

The Priority data team can help you with further data analysis to determine the best use of this data. Options include:

  • Comparing website visitors with your customer or lead lists for targeted follow-up using direct mail, email
  • Identifying leads generated by digital or social advertising
  • Running all leads against a designated profile and identifying the best-fit leads for additional marketing
  • Measuring engagement with digital behavior, such as looking at the specific pages that were viewed or tracking repeat visits to the website.

Many organizations can benefit from adding PriorityPush to campaigns, such as:

  • Non-profits who want to identify people who have an interest but have not yet donated
  • Any organization using membership or subscriptions to generate revenue
  • B-to-B companies wanting insight on potential leads when a website visit signals a degree of interest
  • Consumer product companies who use direct mail and who would like to send engaged leads an additional touch

There are many ways PriorityPush can help you identify leads and increase conversion.

Contact us for more information on how this can work for you.

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