Purdue University Alumni Association

Establishes and maintains relationships with Purdue graduates

Has plenty of data, but lacked the in-house resources to mine the data for actionable insights

Runs annual fund-raising campaigns to raise money for scholarships and other initiatives


Purdue University’s Alumni Association depends on its annual fund-raising campaign. Their long established approach had become less effective over time, and they were looking for new ways to expand their base of donors and increase donation amounts from established donors. Though they had years of available data, they lacked in-house data-mining expertise.


By partnering with Priority Press, the Alumni Association was able to gain important insights. Priority Press conducted a data analysis of the alumni. Common demographic and behavioral traits among givers were identified. Using the data, personalized messaging, targeted graphics, new calls to action, and the correct response mechanisms were incorporated into the mailing.


  • The insights provided by the data was used to increase relevancy to the alumni audience
  • Targeted mailings with personalized messaging and better response mechanisms motivated buyers to give
  • Giving rates increased 6% over the previous year
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