Maximizing Your Direct Mail Campaigns: The 40/40/20 Rule Explained

The “40/40/20” rule is a way of looking at the three core elements of direct mail marketing. It says that 40% of direct marketing success is about finding the right audience, 40% relies on the offer itself, and 20% is driven by timing, format, and overall design elements. With postage costs from the USPS rising again, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your strategy and streamline it for more efficiency.

Let’s take a look at each of these factors in turn and how Priority’s solutions can help drive your successes.

Finding the Right Audience

Direct mail success starts with targeting the best potential audience of leads. Your data hygiene and list strategy are critical to ensuring that the right mail goes to the right recipients – and that you get the best possible ROI out of your campaign.

You might find yourself overspending if your lists include duplicates, undeliverable addresses, or outdated information. Smart data hygiene from Priority’s postal experts can update lists and reduce the rate of undeliverables. We’ll also help you with your overall data strategy, applying the most sophisticated audience segmentation and data analytics to narrow each campaign to the most likely respondents. Plus, we’ll help you figure out the best strategy for saving on postage and targeting specific demographics, geographic areas, and more.

Developing a Compelling Offer

Your audience is chosen – now what? It’s time to develop a winning offer that convinces leads to take that next step.

Take some time to think about your offer’s value proposition in relation to a prospective customer’s wants and needs. Questions might include:

  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • Who is your ideal or expected customer?
  • What specific need are you trying to fill, and how aware is the customer of it?
  • Are you selling a service, a product, or both?
  • What emotions would factor into the decision-making for a typical buyer?

The marketing experts at Priority can help you hone your messaging to be as clear and compelling as possible. Then, we’ll work with you to figure out the most powerful way to convey that message.

Designing Your Campaign

The design aspects of direct mail are a big part of what set it apart from other marketing channels. With standout visual and tactile appeal, you can generate a print campaign that creates positive associations for leads and allows for a longer, more powerful recall of your brand.

At Priority, our mailing and design experts have the expertise and resources you need for a truly memorable direct mail campaign.

  • Design: Work with our in-house graphic designers to develop pieces that reflect your campaign goal and overall visual brand. Choose from a variety of design and print options, including multiple print processes (digital printing, offset printing, wide format printing), visual and tactile effects, specialty print, and more.
  • Format: Did you know that shape, size, and format can save you money on postage? Talk to our postal experts to ensure that your mailings are as cost-effective as possible while still conveying your message.
  • Timing: Strategically time your campaign to coincide with a specific event, a likely window for purchase, and more. Priority’s postal experts also can help you determine if your campaign could be eligible for annual postal promotions, saving you even more.

Direct mail remains a powerful tool for marketing, creating memorable brand impressions, and maintaining a much longer “lifetime” than digital communications. If you’re ready to take your print and mailing strategy to new heights, contact Priority today!

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