The NFL Scores with The Priority Group

The National Football League goes well beyond the players and coaches on the field. In total, the league and its teams employ more than 3,700 people who bring fans the football events they crave each year.

Cindy Swab works as a project manager in the NFL’s Marketing & Creative Department. Along with others on the team, they are responsible for making sure massive events and marketing promotions go off without a hitch. They produce materials for the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Draft, Club Meetings, the annual Combine where rookies show off their skills, the season Kickoff, as well as the NFL International Series where the league plays games in London and Mexico City. They also produce field wall banners and goal posts wraps for each team.

“We ensure that all projects, whether they are large or small – like credentials, for example – are delivered on time and within budget,” Cindy said.

The challenge of getting all this done while meeting needs in various spots around the world is immense. For Cindy, time is always an obstacle. “We have to explain the process to clients, how long things will take, and why certain projects cannot be rushed,” she said.

Budgeting and cost also pose difficulties, and Cindy is always working to manage client expectations. “Clients want to do something over the top, and we have to bring them down to reality,” she said.

There are also unexpected issues that a typical creative team doesn’t have to deal with, like weather at outdoor events and on-field personnel changes. When a player is injured, often that prompts the need for changes in the NFL’s creative department.

And, the NFL is not just about football. It aims to improve early detection of cancer with its annual Crucial Catch campaign and celebrates U.S. troops through its annual Salute to Service. It strives to improve player health and give back to the local communities that support the game.

More than once, Priority has hand-delivered items to events. That willingness to go the extra mile, along with dependable quality and the ability to meet budget considerations are the reasons Cindy chooses the Priority Group as the NFL’s partner.

Currently, the NFL is the most popular sports league in the nation, and interest continues to grow. The Priority Group is proud to play a small role in supporting that success and help Cindy and the rest of the marketing and creative team bring home the win.

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