Tips for Designing Vehicle Wraps

Many brand owners may not be aware, but a vehicle wrap can significantly impact your product’s consumer reception. The following are tips to help you design your car wrap for better marketing.

1. Reduce design aspects of your vehicle wrap to essentials
Excellent vehicle graphics have minimal elements and are straight to the point. If the design has a lot going on, it can be distracting, and potential customers may not understand the intended message, especially since cars, trucks, and busses are often moving when seen. Editing elements aids comprehension.

2. Is it a full or partial wrap?
Think about how much of your vehicle the wrap design will cover before you begin working on one. Full covers offer more space for design elements. Partial wraps are still effective, but the cost is lower. The Priority Graphics team can help you evaluate options before you invest much time in preparing artwork.

3. Maintain brand standards
When creating a car graphic, ascertain that it follows brand standards. Stay consistent with color, typeface, and shapes used, so they send the right signals to your audience. When potential customers see a vehicle wrapped with your graphics, it is an opportunity to activate and reinforce your brand.

4. Go bold!
A good vehicle wrap design should be visible from a distance. The best wraps are visible because they are bold, standing out against the landscape and surrounding traffic. Bold designs use bright colors as they are more captivating and easy to notice. Type should be legible at a glance.

Priority Graphics has produced wraps for all types of vehicles, and we know what works. Like all the experts at the Priority Group companies, we are here to consult and help you make your next vehicle wrap project a winner. For more information or to set up a consultation, talk to your Priority Press account executive.

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