Watermark Residential

National leader in the development of upscale multifamily communities

Marketing invests to position and differentiate properties, and identify leads

In the market, community amenities create a competitive edge


Watermark Residential wanted to gain insights into the amenities sought by potential residents and build awareness around new properties. To accomplish this, they needed to develop a lead list and a response strategy to uncover preferences.


Priority Press conducted a data analysis of the current market to identify and build a targeted mailing list. Once a lead list was developed, Priority Press created a direct mail campaign linked to a survey microsite. Leads were given the opportunity to win a premium Apple product if they visited the microsite and completed the survey. A/B testing was used to determine if the offer impacted response rates.


  • Watermark Residential benefited from data development expertise without needing in-house resources by partnering with Priority Press
  • They were able to use the information about the importance of amenities to position properties in the market
  • Potential residents were also identified for a retargeting campaign once a property opened its doors
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