What is Micro-Marketing?

Micro-Marketing was introduced as a futuristic idea by Don Pepper and Martha Rogers via their 1993 best-selling book, The One-to-One Future. At the most basic level, they recognized that emerging technology would support communication tailored to individuals or small groups. The arrival of the internet and a wide range of digital communication tools established them as top-level visionaries.


Immediate Applications of Micro-Marketing


Attention to Loyalty Building and its Fruits:

At the strategy level, many organizations focus heavily on acquiring new customers, but are less effective at the communication touches that assure repeat business and lead to loyalty, advocacy, and referrals. Recognizing this imbalance is step one. A commitment to explore avenues to enhance loyalty-building can include multiple micro-marketing techniques.

Prospecting and Cultivating Ideal Target Clients:

In the information age, it is relatively simple to research targets that fit your “ideal” profile. Micro-Marketing supports long-term “drip” campaigns aimed at gradually introducing your value and converting Strangers into active Prospects.

Converting at-Risk Prospect into Clients:

Today’s marketplace is ultra-competitive, and it is common that prospects having a long-decision cycle are lost to competitors or to alternative uses of dollars. Micro-Marketing campaigns can happen automatically throughout the decision cycle, with the primary purpose being MEMORY OF  VALUE.

Welcoming and Onboarding New Clients:

It is surprisingly common that new clients receive no welcome, along with reinforcement of the reasons they made a good choice. This step is a crucial first element of an effective loyalty-building campaign.

If You Are Using CRM and/or Automated Email Campaigns 

The declining effectiveness of email is having a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of email-based automation. Recipients are overloaded, Read rates are down, and spam filters are more aggressive. Emails will continue to have an important role, but for applications where earning attention is vital to campaign effectiveness, alternatives are important. In addition to emailing, including postcards, letters, and dimensional mail as output alternatives, can be integrated into your current system.


Exploring Micro-Marketing through Priority Group

We are always available for exploratory discussions to launch micro-marketing for your brand. An Omnichannel approach is very very effective.

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